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1Celebration of 7th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2021. newpdf75118-06-2021
2Celebration of 7th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2021. newpdf87617-06-2021
3Posting/Transfer: SAOs/AOs newpdf47417-06-2021
4Release of S.S.D. M/s J.S. Builders & Engineers (D-461/WC) Removed) newpdf35617-06-2021
5Gazette Notification dated 30.03.2021- CC (Implementation of NPS) Rules 2021-06-14 newpdf21,12517-06-2021
6selection of SAOs/AOs/AAOs to serve as Faculty in RTC, Meerut newpdf2,04816-06-2021
7Booking of expenditure under MH 105- Transportation for FY 2020-21 newpdf42516-06-2021
8Updating the status of occupancy/vacancy of DAD Residential Accommodatrion on the web site. newpdf1,00016-06-2021
9Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19: Attendance of Central Govt Officials regarding newpdf1,29814-06-2021
10Transfer DAD Estt: SAOs newpdf53914-06-2021
11Result of the newly promoted AAOs. newpdf52614-06-2021
12"आज़ादी का अमृत " महोत्सव | newpdf1,09511-06-2021
13Course on office procedure through Desktop Video Conferencing by RTC Meerut newpdf43910-06-2021
14Training in relation to duties of the higher post on promotion from auditor to sr. auditor newpdf1,21710-06-2021
15Compilation of Central (Civil) Appropriation Accounts-Certificate on certain Revenue and Debt Heads (2020-21) newpdf48109-06-2021
16Sunset of old CMP Portal for Ministry of Defence: Migration of SBI Fast Plus Portal.pdf56408-06-2021
17Quarterly Expenditure Report of Pay & various types of Allowances in respect of Defence Civilians for QE 03/2021.pdf55707-06-2021
18Superannuation during the Month of 06/2021.pdf26304-06-2021
19NPS Performance review meeting through Web EX(VC) with PFRDApdf40801-06-2021
20Waival of Revenue stamp For All Payment On The Basis Of ECS/DBT: Grievances On CPGRAMS: Grievance No. FADSS/E/2021/00540 dated 13/05/2021: Shri Tilak Raj.pdf39801-06-2021
21Recuirement for one post (UR) of Staff Car Driver (Ordinary Grade) Group 'C' Non Gazetted, Pay Level-2 as per 7th CPC (Rs.19900 - 63200) in office of the PCDA (WC) Sector -9 Chandigarhpdf3,86931-05-2021
22Leave PTO No-163 dated 08/03/2021pdf4,02431-05-2021
23Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19: Attendance of Central Govt Officials regardingpdf1,15531-05-2021
24AAC report for the year 2020-21pdf2,51128-05-2021
25Release of S.S.D. M/s Manuj & Co (EM-48 Removed)pdf36025-05-2021
26Release of S.S.D. M/s Paras Builders (E-27 Removed)pdf32625-05-2021
27Date of Next increment under rule 10 of Central Civil Services(Revised Pay) Rules, 2016--Clarifications - Regardingpdf1,18225-05-2021
28Annual Target for the year 2021-22pdf1,10624-05-2021
29Recovery of License Fee and Rebate from Shopkeepers occupying shops located in Defence Landpdf36424-05-2021
30Transfers: DAD Estt (local)pdf93021-05-2021
31Exercising of option by the staff & DAD SAS Officers for Association membership under the CCS(RSA) Rules 1993, recovery of subscription for the year 2021-22 and re verification of membership of Associations.pdf1,94921-05-2021
32Clarification on NPS Contribution for Industrial/ Non Industrial Personnel.pdf61121-05-2021
33Coverage under Central Service (Pension) Rule 1972 of those Central Government employees whoes selection for appointment were finalized before 01.01.2004 but joined Government services on or after 01.01.2004.pdf76121-05-2021
34आतंकवाद विरोधी दिवस।pdf1,18419-05-2021
35Date of next increment under Rule 10 of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rule, 2018- Clarifications- regarding.pdf2,26219-05-2021
36General Targets of Sub Offices/Sections of Main Office of the PCDA(WC) Chandigarh for the Year 2021-22.pdf4,91319-05-2021
37Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.pdf1,84412-05-2021
38स्वैछिक सेवानिवृति रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf26610-05-2021
39Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 Vaccination of all Central Government employees.pdf61810-05-2021
40Link Officer in case of absence / leave etc of SAOs/AOspdf3,77410-05-2021
41माह अक्तूबर 2021 से मार्च 2022 तक MACP योग्य अधिकारियो/ कर्मचारीयो के विवरण हेतु pdf55110-05-2021
42Annual Audit Certificate for the year 2020-21pdf2,77310-05-2021
43General Targets of LAO's under PCDA(WC) Chandigarh for the financial year 2021-22pdf1,24507-05-2021
44Furnishing information IN R/O LTC CASH VOUCHER SCHEME.pdf48107-05-2021
45Superannuation during the Month of 05/2021.pdf27705-05-2021
46Non compilation of Payment of Different elements of GST as per invoice /Bills with correct category prefix code in MES.pdf2,45003-05-2021
47DELEGATION OF POWERS Part II OO No - 249pdf1,29930-04-2021
48DELEGATION OF POWERS Part II OO No - 248pdf50030-04-2021
49DELEGATION OF POWERS Part II OO No - 247pdf60830-04-2021
50DELEGATION OF POWERS Part II OO No - 246pdf47830-04-2021
51Right to Information Act-2005: Appointment of Central Assistant Public Infomation Officer (CAPIO)pdf41830-04-2021
52Right to Information Act-2005: Appointment of APPELLATE AUTHORITY.pdf40530-04-2021
53Clearance of amount lying under code head 93/020/96 (CMP rejections)pdf1,69130-04-2021
54Release of S.S.D. M/s INDO ASIAN TECHNOCRAFTS (E-21 Removed)pdf35130-04-2021
55Distribution of Work amongst IDAS Officers.pdf47430-04-2021
56Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.pdf1,28629-04-2021
57Enhanced Interaction with the Sections and Suboffices.pdf37629-04-2021
58Sensitive Roster: Uploading Thereofpdf4,20528-04-2021
59Transfer: DAD Estt.pdf97528-04-2021
60Personal Targets in respect of PCDA(WC) Chandigarh for the year 2021-22.pdf1,71227-04-2021
61Priority payment of Bills relating to Covid-19.pdf46727-04-2021
62Project SPARSH तथा PFMS विषय पर आयोजित होने वाले प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रमों में अदिति संकाय की आवशयकता के सम्बन्ध में |pdf36127-04-2021
63PCDA(WC) Chandigarh PTO No-180 dated 03/2021pdf4,60326-04-2021
64Non Receipt of Adjusted OMROspdf2,15826-04-2021
65Transfer: DAD Estt.pdf60326-04-2021
66Coverage under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 1972 of those Central Government employees whose selection for appointment was finalized before 01.01.2004 but joined Government service on or after 01.01.2004.pdf87322-04-2021
67Transfer: DAD ESTT.pdf1,09821-04-2021
68Audit of PSMBs:releasing of payment of RAR/Final Bills.pdf39921-04-2021
69Release of S.S.D. M/s Naresh Goel (E-17 Removed)pdf31320-04-2021
70Formation of Execuitve Committee of DARC,PCDA (WC) Chandigarh.pdf39420-04-2021
71Release of S.S.D. M/s Orbit Construction Co (E-19( Removed)pdf25116-04-2021
72Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Chandigarh,Panchkula & Mohali For The Period 01-04-2021 To 31-03-2022.(Part-I O.O. No.233 Dated 16-04-2021)pdf6,66116-04-2021
73PCDA(WC) Chd PTO No-162 dated 03/2021pdf3,69016-04-2021
74Monitoring of Criminal/Private case filed against officials of the Departmentpdf46616-04-2021
75Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.pdf55816-04-2021
76Annual Review of Works Expenditure (ARWE 2020-21)pdf3,26015-04-2021
77Superannuation during the Month of 04/2021.pdf32713-04-2021
78Furnishing information regarding number of employees opting for LTC cash voucher scheme and festival advance scheme.pdf44413-04-2021
79NSDL CRA Annual Report FY 2019-2020.pdf38109-04-2021
80Clarification on NPS Contribution for Industrial/Non Industrial Personnel.pdf37709-04-2021
81Monthly report on Expenditure under Head Other Allowances ( 00/094/26) Foreign Travel Expenses (0/094/91) TA DA ( 00/094/28) & Medical ( 00/094/92) for the Month of Mar, 2021.pdf73009-04-2021
82Annual Review of Works Expenditure (ARWE 2020-21)pdf1,75309-04-2021
83Monthly Briefing Report (MBR)pdf84508-04-2021
84Webinar on budget annoucement 2021-22: Galvanising Efforts for Atmanirbhar Bharat.pdf1,32207-04-2021
85Transfer DAD Estt: AAOspdf44007-04-2021
86मानकीकृत प्रशिक्षण सामग्री के संकलित करने हेतु.pdf48506-04-2021
87Advisory- Receipt of Spurious mails regarding.pdf38806-04-2021
88Submission of monthly report on Nil Credit Permanent Retirement account Numbers ( PRANs) in the NPS for Government Sector.pdf1,94505-04-2021
89Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.pdf44505-04-2021
903rd MACP on completion of 30 years of service by such MCM (Master Craftsman) who were in the pay scale of Rs.4500-7000 on or before 31-12-2005- clarification regarding.pdf1,68105-04-2021
91अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 153)pdf2,97601-04-2021
92Transfer DAD Estt: AAOspdf51101-04-2021
93Inclusion of new field in e-MPRpdf34201-04-2021
94Up gradation of Area Accounts Offices and Shifting of work of Store Contract,Store Audit and M-Sectionpdf73501-04-2021
95Allotment of Category Prefix for Identification of expenditure for ARTRACpdf61701-04-2021
96Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Pathankot For The Period 01-01-2021 To 31-12-2021.(Part-I O.O. No.196 Dated 30-03-2021)pdf86230-03-2021
97Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Ambala For The Period 01-01-2021 To 31-12-2021.(Part-I O.O. No.193 Dated 30-03-2021)pdf1,00430-03-2021
98Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Subathu For The Period 01-01-2021 To 31-12-2021.(Part-I O.O. No.194 Dated 30-03-2021)pdf44030-03-2021
99Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Jalandhar For The Period 01-01-2021 To 31-12-2021.(Part-I O.O. No.195 Dated 30-03-2021)pdf1,05830-03-2021
100Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Ludhiana For The Period 01-01-2021 To 31-12-2021.( Part-I O.O No. 192 Dated 31-03-2021)pdf51030-03-2021
101Misclassification of expenditure - regarding.pdf4,07326-03-2021
102Cadre Review IDAS.pdf3,81626-03-2021
103राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति कि तिमाही बैठक क कार्यवृत.pdf2,02725-03-2021
104Status of Occupancy/Vacancy of DAD Residential Accommodation at sec 35B Chandigarh (as on 20/03/2021) pdf31824-03-2021
105Transfer: DAD ESTT.pdf1,00523-03-2021
106Annual Stock Taking of Computer Hardware and its Peripherals for the year 2020-21.pdf38423-03-2021
107Closing of Accounts For FY: 2020-21- REG- Pendency of Bills.pdf81823-03-2021
108Submission of material for the compilation of Union Government Finance Accounts for the year 2020-21-IGAD-1 (Statement No.4), IGAS-2 (Statement No.9), IGAS-3 (Statement No.3 & 15), Statement No11, (Statement No. 5 & 13.pdf48523-03-2021
109Transfer: DAD ESTT.pdf2,45422-03-2021
110Grant of grade pay of Rs. 5400/-- in Pay Band-2 after completion of 4 years regular service in grade pay Rs. 4800/-.pdf1,50022-03-2021
112APPOINTMENT OF PRIVATE DOCTORS AS A.M.As AT SOLAN FOR THE PERIOD 01-01-2020 TO 31-12-2020.pdf80418-05-2020
113Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Ludhiana For The Period 01-01-2021 To 31-12-2021.pdf51024-05-2019
114Annual Audit Certificate for the Year 2018-2019pdf3,45322-05-2019
115Regarding submission of LAO Target Report, LAP & IRP.pdf65018-03-2019
116Minutes of LAOs Mini conference Held in Chanyakya Conference Hall of PCDA (WC) on 06-03-2019.pdf4,18318-03-2019
117आवक जावक यूनिटो से सम्बंदित रिपोर्टpdf70314-03-2019
118Forwarding of LTARpdf12,52606-02-2019
119Forwarding of LTARpdf3,43420-12-2018
120Mini LAO Conference held on 20/11/2018pdf2,88329-11-2018
121Forwarding of LTARpdf4,45529-11-2018
122Defence Internal Audit SystemZIP10,74427-08-2018
123Anomalies of Pay ( 6th CPC) pertaining to PBORs under the audit jurisdiction of PAO (ORs) RRR Delhi Cantt-10pdf4,79120-08-2018
124Appointment of Private Doctors AS A.M.As At Pathankot For The Period 01-01-2021 To 31-12-2021.pdf86216-07-2018
125Audit Conclave : 11 Corpspdf47916-07-2018
126Minutes of the Mini LAO Conference held on 21/05/2018pdf39501-06-2018
127Revised Discharge Drill-2018 in respect of JCOs/OR of Indian Armypdf35628-05-2018
128Disbandment of 125 FPOs/SDOs & 82 Postal/SDSpdf8128-05-2018
129Irregular Running of School Buses for School Going Childrrenpdf11125-05-2018
130Kapurthala (27.04.2018 To 31.03.2019)pdf12211-05-2018
131Appointment of Private Doctors As A.M.A's at Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali for the Period 01-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 (Part-I O.O. No. 233 Dated 16-04-2021)pdf6,66101-05-2018
132SOP Regarding Revenue Generation: Buildings on Def.landspdf8519-03-2018
133Service Profile SAOs/AOspdf38828-02-2018