Checklist (2)


Stores Section

Military Hospitals
1.  Contractor bill in original with all columns duly filled, signed by contractor across revenue stamp countersigned by CFA. 
2.  Dealers dated invoice in original, indicating CRV No. across it in red ink and authenticated by unit authority/medical Officer Incharge. 
3.  Original copy of Supply order countersigned by CFA - Delivery date specifically indicated on it. 
4.  Two copies of CRV`s: - indicating on the top of CRVs `Name of LAO concerned` and at the bottom date of receipt of stores. 
5.  Copy of Rate Contract: - Where Order has been placed against RC. 
6.  All alterations/cuttings to be authenticated by executives. 
7.  Wherever there is modification in the Supply Order terms subsequent to the placement on the firm e.g. stores delivered after stipulated date cheque in rate, reduced supply by contractor etc. a formal amendment to this effect be issued to SO on Dealers formal request and attached with the bill. 
8.  LD charges (Liquidated Damages) where applicable to deducted @ 0.5% per week or a part subject to a max of 5% for the value of undelivered stores. These charges are to be deducted by CFA on contractor’s Bill. 
Advance Payment to FCI : Wheat/Rice
1.  Contingent Bill in original duly countersigned by CO Supply Depot. 
2.  Specimen Signature of Countersigning authority should have either seen sent to PCDA office in advance or attached with Contingent Bill duly attested. 
3.  Performa invoice of FCI in original duly priced by Area Manager of FCI Concerned. 
4.  CFL report in original duly countersigned by CO Sup. Depot. 
5.  Ink signed copy of Budget Allotment allocating specific amount to Sup. Depot. 
6.  Copy of HQ command Concerned/FCI New Delhi letter regarding Allotment of wheat/Rice qty. in MTs for a specific quarter to the Sup. Depot. 
7.  CRV`s duly verified by LAOs to be handed over to this office through Unit Rep for the Qty collected from FCI for preceding period by Sup. Depot concerned while submitting on the contingent bill for payment of Wheat/Rice. 
Cash Requisitions : S&S Imprest Holders
1.  CR to be duly signed by the Imprest holder and countersigned by the OC of the unit. 
2.  Letter of the S&S Imprest holder indicating CML limit, its validity, Public Fund A/C No , Name of the bank and fund status. 
3.  Date of submission of Imprest account for previous month. 
ASC Bills
1.  Contractor Bill - IAFA-68 duly signed by contractor and countersigned by competent authority. 
2.  Contractor receipt in token of having received 95% payment. 
3.  Dated IAFS 1520, signed by the issuing officer of ASC unit. 
4.  CRV`s duly verified by LAO and name of the concerned LAOs endorsed at the top. 
5.  Copy of sanction where required . 
6.  Copy of AT Note of the contract for which 5% bills are preferred. 
7.  No demand certificate against the contractors. 
CHT Bills
1.  Contractor’s bill- IAFA 68 with TDS as applicable duly deducted by unit authorities. 
2.  Contractor’s receipt in token of having received 95% payment
3.  Copy of transport indent ( in duplicate) indicating specific rank, name and basic pay of the user. 
4.  Utilization certificate. 
5.  Car diary duly signed by the user. 
6.  No Demand Certificate against the contractors
7.  Nominal roll of service personnel using the transport. 
8.  Certificate regarding non availability of the service transport from the competent authority. 
9.  Date wise abstract showing specific rates, Kms run, Extra Kms, Extra hours and total amount. 
Security Deposit
Security is to be deposited in the form of:
1.  MRO. 
2.  Govt. security including post office cash certificate, Defence Saving Certificate, National Certificates and National plan Certificates. 
3.  Promissory Notes and stock certificate of the central/State Govt. municipal debenture or Port Trust Bond. 
4.  Bank Deposit receipts
5.  Post Office saving Bank Account
6.  Treasury saving deposit certificates
7.  Guaranteed Bond, FDR, Cash certificates and other similar instruments issued by the bank under the bank guarantee scheme. 
Refund/ Re-appropriation of Security Deposits
1.  To ensure that the claim for refund of security deposit/ re-appropriation is preferred only after expiry of the contract period. 
2.  No demand certificate in IAFZ 451 part (a) (b) (c) and no claim certificate, list of risk and expense purchases, duly completed by contract operating officer. 
3.  Original receipt IAFA 299 granted to the depositor at the time of deposit. 
4.  Requisite certificate on IAFA-290 from unit authorities
5.  Final “No Demand Certificate from the OC Unit. 
6.  Certificate from the contractor for non-receipt of security deposit. 
7.  Certificate from contractor for receipt of 95% from supply depot and 5 % from PCDA. 
8.  Certificate from contractor for not filing arbitration/civil suit. 
9.  While requesting for re-appropriation of Security Deposit: Request for re-appropriation of security deposit from the contractor - Part A and duly completed Part B from the unit authorities may also be submitted. 
Ration Allowance
To whom admissible:
1.  Service officers
2.  MNS Officers
3.  MNS (local) Officers
4.  Hony. commissioned Officers. 

Contingencies during which admissible:
1.  Annual Leave. 
2.  Sick Leave on full pay and allowances. 
3.  Casual leave for the duration the officer spends his casual leave away from the duty station. 
4.  Preparatory leave while on permanent posting from one station to another. 
5.  Leave pending retirement/invalidment termination of contract/release on full pay and allowances. 
6.  Course of instruction or posting to non Military station notified by Govt. from time to time where ration drawing facilities are not existing
7.  Furlough leave
8.  Maternity leaves
9.  Special casual Leave,
10.  Study leave abroad

When Ration allowance is not admissible:
1.  In addition to TA/DA for the period of Temp. duty
2.  During EOL and leave without pay and allowances. 
3.  Points to the kept in Mind while preferring ration claim:
4.  Ensure that it is prepared on IAFA 115
5.  It is singed and countersigned by OC/CO Unit. 
6.  The bill is prepared in INK/indelible pencil/typewriter, arithmetically correct and alteration and additions are attested. 
7.  It is claimed as per rates in force from time to time
8.  The consolidated claim on in respect of contingent bill in respect of officers borne on strength of Unit/formation is prepared once in a month. 
9.  Claim is supported by a nominal roll in triplicate. 
10.  Ensure that correct name of the Bankers and Public Fund Account of the unit are endorsed on the bill. 
11.  Claim is supported by a stamped receipt of appropriate value in respect of officers whose payment is Rs.5000/- and above. 
12.  Ensure that the copy of the DO Part II order notifying causality be enclosed in support of the claim
13.  Requisite certificate to the effect that the officer spends his casual leave away from the duty station during CL period along with CL address of the officer is enclosed. 
14.  LRC issued by the previous unit in case of joining time/preparatory leave and movement order details during the journey period. 

Ensure following certificates on the bill:-
1.  No claim was preferred earlier. 
2.  No free messing was provided during the period of the claim. 
3.  No free ration was issued for the period of the claim. 
4.  Non-hospitalization certificate during the period of claim. 
5.  Certificate of non-drawl of DA/DMA during the period for which ration claim is claimed. 

IMPORTANT : Prior sanction of the station commander be obtained when :-
1.  The officer stay under his own arrangement in far off places and it is inconvenient for him to draw ration in kind. 
2.  When it is difficult for the depot to supply ration in kind due to administrative reasons. 
Ordnance/NCC Stores
1.  Tender Notice indicating specification of stores to be procured, quantity required. 
2.  Quotations received as such should be opened and signed by the Board members/Presiding officers. 
3.  Comparative Statement of Tenders ( CST) signed by members of the board and countersigned by the CFA
4.  Supply Order to be invariably placed on the lowest tenderer or otherwise reasons to be recorded for placing order on a firm other than L1
5.  Supply Order should be on proper format containing specific details such as, rate, quantity, brand, amount, date of delivery, specification, particular of inspection authority, LD clause etc. 
6.  In case there is any change/amendment in the term and conditions of supply orders, subsequent to its placement on the firm, a formal amendment letter should be attached along with request of the firm if the change is caused due to vendor. 
7.  Inspection Note from the authority nominated for the purpose. 
8.  CRV in duplicate indicating on the top the name of LAO concerned and Ledger/Page no where stores taken on charge. 
9.  Sanction of CFA indicating nature of expenditure/Code head involved /Financial Year for which expenditure is to be booked and the authority under which sanction is accorded. 
10.  Invoice of Firm (in original) duly affixed with revenue stamps (whereas required). 
11.  In case of stores purchased on cash purchase powers of ordnance Officers, then cash purchase order no, 3 copies of CRV`s and suppliers bill duly receipted & stamped where ever necessary may be attached. 
12.  In case where stores purchased by unit formation on the authority of ULPO issued by Dependent Depot, then ULPO in original should be attached. 
13.  Certificate from the controlling officer that the items purchased dissimilar in nature. 
14.  Total Quantity purchased should not exceed the quantity actually demanded/required. 
15.  In case of repeat order, it should not exceed 50% of the quantity originally purchased and CFA should be determined. Keeping in view a total amount i.e. the amount involved in original Supply Order together with the amount involved in repeat order. 
Workshops/ EME Units/ Formations
1.  Besides the requirements stated under—Ordnance Stores, following points to be noted:
2.  Certificate regarding non-availability of stores from normal source of supply supported by NA certificate from Depot. 
3.  Certificate that the time did not permit for stores being obtained on emergent indent through normal source of supply. 
4.  That stores purchased are not for stock. 
5.  In case purchase made without calling for tender, PAC certificate that the rates
6.  charged by the firm are reasonable/ that stores purchased are of proprietary nature
7.  In case the purchase is on single quotation basis, certificate in terms of Rule 145 of GFR to be furnished. 
Central Purchase
1.  Contractor’s bill to tally with supply order particularly with reference to quantities, rates and other terms and conditions of supply besides arithmetical correctness. 
2.  Copy no 1 of inspection note for 95 % and 98%, inspection note copy note no. 2 & 5 for balance payment, as the case may be, to be invariable enclosed
3.  Where 100% payment is required, inspection note copies 1,2 & 5 should be enclosed. 
4.  Specimen signature of the consignee in the inspection note should tally the specimen signature of authority forwarded to PCDA in advance
5.  Where LD charges are to be recovered, purchaser must enclose a note to this effect. 
6.  Proof of dispatch of stores and provisional receipt of consignee should invariably be attached. 

IMPORTANT: - It is to be noted that date of sanction should precede the date on which supply order has been placed on the firm. Otherwise, ex-post-facto sanction of next higher CFA to be attached. 
7.  Where the purchase has been made on Single quotation basis, certificate in terms of Rule –145 of GFR should invariably be furnished by the CFA. 

While submitting claims to PCDA office, it may be ensured that specimen signatures of countersigning authority have been sent to CDA in advance.


                              RATION MONEY ALLOWANCE


                                As per the provisions of Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 03/(01)/2016/D (QS) dt. 31st July 2017, provision of free ration for Officersof Defence Forces was

                               discontinued in peace areas. Ration Money allowance will be admitted by PCDA (O) by Direct benfit Transfer (DBT) through individual bank accounts. Amount of Ration Money will be remitted alongwith the salary and reflected in Pay Slip as " Ration Money allowances"



                                  1.   Ration Money will be admitted based on the Part-II order published by the units.

                                  2.   Ration money will be admitted as per the monthly rate of Ration Money Allowances by Govt. from time to time.

                                  3.   The casualty will be published in the Part-II notifying casualty POSIN ( Posting in ) and admissible from the date of TOS ( Taken on strength of new unit)

                                  4.  Ration Money will be continue to be admitted till receipt of Part-II order for "POSOUT"/"STPRMONY".

                          5. Officer on Ty.Duty is not entitled to Ration Money, however, ration money paid during ty.dutyperiod will be adjusted by "T" wing while prcessing the claim for                         temporary    duty.

                                  6.Copy of initial Part-II order for grant of Ration Money w.e.f. 01.07.2017 should be supported with a certificate for " Non-drawal of Ration Money in cash or kind beyond 01.07.2017 ti the date of publication of Part-II order for "GTDRMONY" for grant of Ration Money by this office.

                                   Amendment to revised Documentation Procedure for publication of Part-II Orders ( Officers) for claiming Ration Money/Ration Allowances is as follows.



                                     A new code is to be generated for Ration Money Allowance to officers posted in peace area and the same is to be published on POSIN/POSOUT, as the case may be.

                                       S.No.                       Occurrence Code    

                                        3.107 (a)                             GTDRMONY

                                        3.107(b)                             STPRMONY

                                       A Certificate to the effedct is also be enclosed with the DO Part-II Orders:

                                       a. Certified that the conditions laid down in GOI, MOD letter No. 03/(01)/2016/D (QS) dt. 31st July 2017, have been fulfilled.

                                       (ii)  The Officer is posted to peace station i.e.............................(Name of the Station)

                                       (iii) No free messing/ration in kind was provided for the period .

                                       (iv) The Officer has not claimed, paid Daily Messing Allowance for the period for which Ration Money Allowance is claimed.