Sr. No. Subject File Format File Size Updated on
1List of Non DAD Subscribers Retiring during 04-2019 to 06-2019 newpdf7,55421-05-2019
2Regarding Non Submission of cash accounts within prescribed timeframes. newpdf99521-05-2019
3Checklist for of commonly observed deficiencies in Medical Claims & Regular/Sy. Pay Bills. newpdf1,59221-05-2019
4अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 287)  newpdf1,26221-05-2019
5अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 290)  newpdf1,52121-05-2019
6Implementation of 7th CPC Recommendation CCS (RP) Rule- 2016- furnishing reports regarding. newpdf1,45421-05-2019
7Booking of expenditure over and above the allothmet 2018-19. newpdf58821-05-2019
8Officer's Mess/Guest House. newpdf76720-05-2019
9आंतकवाद विरोधी दिवस  newpdf1,09317-05-2019
10Transfer to Pension Establishment (Part-II OO No. 297) newpdf2,08417-05-2019
11Variation between MER & CGDA data-Nov, Dec 2018 & Jan 2019 newpdf60417-05-2019
12Celebration of 5th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2019. newpdf1,16314-05-2019
13Transfer: DAD Estt. ( Part-II O.O. No. 296) newpdf1,43814-05-2019
14संघ के विभिन्न प्रयोजनों के लिए राजभाषा नीति के कार्यान्वयन संबंधी वर्ष - 2019-20 का वार्षिक कार्यक्रम । newpdf1,56214-05-2019
15Delay in Updation of Leave records. newpdf1,11113-05-2019
16माह 04/2019 मासिक खर्च रिपोर्ट प्रेक्षण। newpdf2,73413-05-2019
17Implementation of e-Suchna Module for rendering/obtaining Reports and Returns. newpdf2,83510-05-2019
18Release of S.S.D. M/s Garga Traders. Index No. E-10 (Removed) newpdf56910-05-2019
19Release of S.S.D M/s R.D. Construction Co. Index No. E-230/CWE Delhi-10 ( Removed) newpdf56110-05-2019
20Release of S.S.D M/s Substantial Construction Co. Index No. E-89 (Removed) newpdf55410-05-2019
21Release of S.S.D M/s Babu lal & Company. Index No. B-243 (Removed) newpdf55110-05-2019
22स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभागpdf1,67510-05-2019
23Website is in process of SQTC Certification- Data will not be available for Units/ Formation for the time.pdf19010-05-2019
24अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 240) pdf1,72307-05-2019
25General Targets of Sub Offices/Section of Main Office of the PCDA (WC) Chandigarh for the Year-2019-20.pdf5,77606-05-2019
26Audit of MER for the Month of 03/2019 ( Financial Year 2018-19)pdf1,12906-05-2019
27Stock Taking of Dead Stock Articles for the year ending 03/2019.pdf60606-05-2019
28Manpower Management Information System ( MMIS) of Central Govt. Civilian Employees-Quarterly Expenditure on Pay & Allowances for the year 2018-19, in respect of secretariat / subordinate / attached offices of the Central government and information regarding number of sanctioned posts and employees in position as on 31-03-2019.pdf3,14106-05-2019
29Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the 7th CPC-Revision of pension of Pay & Allowances and Pension/Gratuity/communication of pension in r/o Def. Civilians who have relinquished service on a/c of retirement, death etc between 01-01-2016 and 31-07-2016.pdf1,99603-05-2019
30Change of Name/Surname:DAD Estt. ( Part-II OO No. 279)pdf58303-05-2019
31Manpower Management Information System (MMIS) of Central Govt. Civilian- Employees-Quarterly Expenditure on Pay & Allowances for the Year 2018-19, in respect of secretariat/ subordinate / attached offices of the Central Government and information regarding number of sanctioned posts and employees in position as on 31-03-2019.pdf1,10603-05-2019
32अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 241) pdf1,45903-05-2019
33Superannuation during the Month of 05/2019.pdf66103-05-2019
34अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 213)pdf3,89003-05-2019
35Course completion report.pdf60003-05-2019
36Proper and Regular Maintenance of Work Books.pdf84103-05-2019
37अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 221)pdf3,31803-05-2019
38Observation on compiled actual: regarding.pdf87703-05-2019
39Proper up-keep of Records in Old Records.pdf71001-05-2019
40"Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence" for the year 2019pdf70401-05-2019
41Transfer: DAD Estt. AAOspdf1,01001-05-2019
42Re-designation of AO AGE (I) Dalhousie and AO AGE (I) ( R&D) Manali.pdf76301-05-2019
43Audit Cover to newly raised AGE (I) AF Amritsar. ( Part-I OO No. 120)pdf87401-05-2019
44Transfer: DAD Estt. AAOspdf1,02501-05-2019
45Transfer: DAD Estt. : AAOspdf79401-05-2019
46Status of Occupancy/Vacancy of DAD Residendial accommodation at Sec- 35B Chandigarh, as on 20.04.2019pdf70401-05-2019
47Annual Review of Works Expenditure (ARWE : 2018-19)pdf2,10229-04-2019
48Appointment of MTS ( Temporary Basis) ( On compassionate Grounds) Part-II OO No. 248pdf2,24029-04-2019
49स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf71629-04-2019
50माह 03/2019 मासिक खर्च रिपोर्ट प्रेक्षण।pdf3,18329-04-2019
51राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की तिमाही बैठक का कार्यवृत pdf4,84426-04-2019
52Annual Closing of Accounts For The Financial Year 2018-19.pdf66226-04-2019
53Monthly update of PAO performance: Febuary - 2019pdf2,31326-04-2019
54Transfer: DAD Estt. pdf1,95326-04-2019
55Allotment of Section Code to AGE (I) AF Amritssar.pdf65325-04-2019
56Induction Training of MTS to be held on 22-04-2019 to 03-05-2019.pdf2,17916-04-2019
57Transfer: DAD Estt. : ( Part-II O.O. No. 236)pdf1,70716-04-2019
58Amendment to Classification Hand Book Defence Services Receipt and Charges 2014 (Edition) Part-I OO No. 119pdf1,51216-04-2019
59Amendment to Classification Hand Book Defence Services Receipt and Charges 2014 (Edition) Part-I OO No. 118pdf1,43916-04-2019
60Holding of 7th all India DAD Volly Ball tournament ( Men & Women) to be held at secundrabad during, June 2019.pdf72215-04-2019
61Pending NPS Subscriptions: 2018-19pdf1,16815-04-2019
62सभी यूनिट्स की ई-मेल आई डी के भेजने के संबंध में|pdf63212-04-2019
63Annual Performance Assessment Report - for the year 2018-19pdf67511-04-2019
64Implementation of 7th CPC in respect of Non-DAD regarding Pay fixation under RPR-2016pdf76411-04-2019
65Volunteers for Mumbai station : AAOs/Sr. Auditors/Auditors/Clerks.pdf1,70211-04-2019
66Celebration of 5th International Day of Yoga on 21.06.2019pdf83611-04-2019
67TDS on GSTpdf58510-04-2019
68Grant of IIIrd Financial up gradation under the MACP Scheme for the Central Govt Civilian employee. ( Part-II OO No. 229)pdf1,70609-04-2019
69Grant of IIIrd Financial up gradation under the MACP Scheme for the Central Govt Civilian employee. ( Part-II OO No. 228 )pdf1,67809-04-2019
70Grant of IIIrd Financial up gradation under the MACP Scheme for the Central Govt Civilian employee. ( Part-II OO No. 227)pdf1,51609-04-2019
71Grant of IInd/IIIrd financial upgradation under the MACP scheme for the central Govt employees in r/o Smt. Manju Bala sharma, SA/8322974 ( Part-II OO No. 225)pdf73409-04-2019
72Transfer Policy: DAD Estt.pdf76809-04-2019
73Annual Review of Works Expenditure (ARWE : 2018-19)pdf73809-04-2019
74Nomination of liason officer for monitoring the CAT/Court Cases at Chandigarh.pdf95808-04-2019
75Vote on Account for the FY 2019-20 under Grant No. 19-MOD Misc DAD Capital works/ Maintenance services.pdf76108-04-2019
76Checklist for Temporary Duty/ Permanent Transfer/ LTC Claims - Defence Civilians/ Industrial employees.pdf3,32208-04-2019
77" Important Circular" Transfer: DAD Estt : Dalhousie Station. pdf1,07608-04-2019
78Establishment of LAO (C) Pathankot Office ( Part-I OO No. 111)pdf66605-04-2019
79स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग : सहा. लेखा अधिकारी ( कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो संख्या-207)pdf1,08505-04-2019
80Transfer Estt DAD: Volunteer for North Region.pdf2,38605-04-2019
81राजस्व ऋण एवम प्रेषण लघु पुस्तिका (पुनःमुद्रित 2010) में संशोघन (कार्यालय आदेश भाग 1 संख्या:116)pdf1,08905-04-2019
82Office Expenditure on hospitalitypdf1,14705-04-2019
83Performance study for FY 2019-20 ( Utilization of Cantt Board grant-in-aid.pdf1,01305-04-2019
84Performance study for FY 2019-20pdf87305-04-2019
85Superannuation during the Month of 04/2019pdf58203-04-2019
86अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 138)pdf3,52502-04-2019
87Online Completion APARs in " SPARROW" - for the year 2018-19.pdf2,62902-04-2019
88Clearance of Probation /Conjfirmation r/o Group "C" employees ( Part-II O.O No. 205)pdf94502-04-2019
89Clearance of Probation in r/o Group "B" ( Gazetted ) Officers ( Part-II O.O No. 204)pdf76002-04-2019
90Clearance of Probation in r/o Group "B" ( Non Gazetted ) Staff ( Part-II O.O No. 202)pdf1,09502-04-2019
91SAS Part-I Examination to be held in June 2019 on Old/ Existing Syllabus ( Part-I O O No. 115)pdf1,52101-04-2019
92Promotion of Graduate Clerks-Cum typist & Graduate MTS to Auditor grade on passing Department Examination held on 20 th August, 2018.( Part-II OO No. 209)pdf2,17130-03-2019
93स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf87430-03-2019
94स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf91029-03-2019
95स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf83229-03-2019
96"Important Circular" Opening of Office on 30-03-2019 (full day) & 31-03-2019pdf73729-03-2019
97Manpower management Information system (MMIS) of Central Govt. Civilian employees-quarterly Expenditure on Pay & Allowances for the year 2018-19, in respect of secretariat /subordinate /attached offices of the Central Government and information regarding number of sanctioned posts and employees in position as on 31-03-2019.pdf1,95228-03-2019
98Minutes of ROC (IV Level) meeting for Quarter Ending 03/2019 held on 15-03-2019pdf13,42928-03-2019
99Review of Material ( Statement No. 13) of Union Govt. Finance Accounts for the Year.pdf85627-03-2019
100Prior intimation or seeking previous sanction under CCS ( Conduct) Rules, 1964 for transaction in respect of immovable /movable property & intimation in respect of transaction in sale/purchase of shares, securities, debentures, investment in mutual fund schemes etc.pdf77326-03-2019
101Promotion of Graduate Clerk-Cum Typists & Graduate MTS to the Auditor grade on passing Departmental Examination held on 20 th August-2018.pdf1,61726-03-2019
102Observation on compiled actual: regarding.pdf1,73726-03-2019
103Submission of material for the compilation of Union Government Finance Accounts for the Year 2018-19 - IGAS-I ( statement No.4), IGAS-2 ( Statement No.9). IGAS-3 (Statement No.3&15). Statement No.11, Statement No. 5 & 13.pdf1,18126-03-2019
104Annual Closing of Accounts For The Year 2018-19.pdf3,81026-03-2019
105Annual Audit Certificate for QE.03/2019.pdf54926-03-2019
106Uploading of Sectional Compilation Data by AO GEs Offices on daily basis.pdf73226-03-2019
107Waive off compensation.pdf71026-03-2019
108Stock Taking of Dead Stock Articles.pdf58426-03-2019
109लिपिक श्रेणी हेतु पदोन्ति के लिए (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो संख्या 185 दिनांक18-03-2019)pdf1,79425-03-2019
110स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग स्थापना। ( कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो संख्या-186)pdf1,60525-03-2019
111Permanent Imprest Account.pdf84922-03-2019
112Summer Appliances and repair of desert cooler.pdf75422-03-2019
113Update of Subscriber details i.e. mobile No., email ID & Nomination Details.pdf67620-03-2019
114Minutes of 4th CTC & Review Meeting for the FY 2018-19.held on 15-03-2019pdf5,53920-03-2019
115Wrong Compilation of Payment of medical treatment in respect of MES Industrial Personnel in Wages Heads i.e. 83/465/00, 83/483/00 etc. by AO GEs.pdf1,53520-03-2019
116Deduction of Income Tax at Source From Regular Pay Bill.pdf1,17020-03-2019
117दिनांक-21-12-2018 को आयोजित तिमाही बैठक में लिए गए निर्णयों पर अनुवर्ती कार्रवाई- रजिस्टरों में प्रविष्टियाँ हिन्दी में करने संबंधी ।pdf63620-03-2019
118Posting of SAOs/AOs, AAOs and Sr.Auditors/Auditors/Clerks to CGDA's Office-Panel for the year 2019-20.pdf1,79420-03-2019
119Non Receipt of Schedule -III.pdf97820-03-2019
120Monthly Certificate on Review of Sectional Compilation.pdf3,52920-03-2019
121अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 121)pdf1,71720-03-2019
122Regarding submission of LAO Target Report, LAP & IRP.pdf65018-03-2019
123Minutes of LAOs Mini conference Held in Chanyakya Conference Hall of PCDA (WC) on 06-03-2019.pdf4,18318-03-2019
124Exercising of option by the members of the DADSAS Officers Association for Association Membership under the CCS (RSA) Rule 1993 and recovery of subscription for the year 2018-19 and 2019-20.pdf1,93715-03-2019
125Exercising of option by the Staff for Association Membership under CCS (RSA) Rule 1993 and recovery of subscription for the year 2019-20.pdf2,01015-03-2019
126भूतपूर्व सैनिको का आरक्षण ग्रुप बी एंड सी में भर्ती सम्बन्धी तिमाही रिपोर्ट pdf64615-03-2019
127विकलांग कर्मचारिओ सम्बन्धी तिमाही रिपोर्ट.pdf69215-03-2019
128Financial Advice report for the QE- 03/2018pdf1,84015-03-2019
129Type Writing Test For The Purpose Of Drawal Of Increment.pdf3,00515-03-2019
130अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 93)pdf1,49314-03-2019
131Forwarding of proposal for inclusion in MFAI report.pdf1,25314-03-2019
132Wanting of LPCs from AAOs (pay) Offices and Pay Section Vice Versa.pdf99114-03-2019
133आवक जावक यूनिटो से सम्बंदित रिपोर्टpdf70314-03-2019
134Proper Compilation of Punching Mediums and maintenance of records in respect of Balance Head in the Annual review of Balances.pdf1,61313-03-2019
135Central Govt. Employees Welfare Coordination Committee.pdf1,31213-03-2019
136माह 02/2019 मासिक खर्च रिपोर्ट प्रेक्षण।pdf2,97413-03-2019
137Transfer Estt: SAOs/AOs (Part-II O.O. No. 178 )pdf82213-03-2019
138AAC Report For the year 2017-18pdf57912-03-2019
139Despatch of Reports/Returns & Letters of routine nature Through E-Mail/ E-Suchna Only.pdf81312-03-2019
140Non Receipt of Charged Expenditure Sanction from FY 2009-10 to 2017-18pdf18,89012-03-2019
141Calling for Volunteers for posting to Aquartala, Bhuj, Chanda, Leh, Port Blair, Poonch, Snapper, Srinagar, Varangaon: SAOs/AOs.pdf67111-03-2019
142Transfer: DAD ESTT.pdf1,03108-03-2019
143स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf76308-03-2019
144स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf85708-03-2019
145Pending NPS Subscriptions: 2018-19pdf96608-03-2019
146Corrigendum to Pamphlet of RDR Heads (2010 RPT) (Part-I OO No.109)pdf1,20608-03-2019
147Corrigendum to Pamphlet of RDR Heads (2010 RPT) (Part-I OO No.110)pdf1,21208-03-2019
148Review of sectional Compilation/AROB 2018-19pdf2,21208-03-2019
149Use of Government Transport by LAOs & Staff.pdf62507-03-2019
150Transfer Estt: DAD Estt.: AAOspdf1,03506-03-2019
151Transfer: DAD Estt. : AAOs ( Part-II O.O. No. 161)pdf83806-03-2019
152Grant of Ist & IInd ACP/Ist,IInd & IIIrd MACP under ACP/MACP Scheme-DAD Estt. (Part-II OO No. 152 )pdf1,53606-03-2019
153Celebration of 5th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2019.pdf2,33005-03-2019
154Issue of fake LF bills in the name of AAO BSO (R) Patiala.pdf75305-03-2019
155Amendment: Fixation of Pay under CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2016 ( Part-II OO No.140)pdf69405-03-2019
156Amendment: Fixation of Pay under CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2016 ( Part-II OO No.141)pdf68905-03-2019
157स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf80401-03-2019
158स्थानान्तरणः रक्षा लेखा विभाग |pdf81301-03-2019
159Amendments in Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules,1972.pdf8,10801-03-2019
160Superannuation during the Month of 03/2019pdf55301-03-2019
161Forwarding of MROs.pdf64501-03-2019
162अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 01)pdf5,24701-03-2019
163अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 78)pdf2,19401-03-2019
164अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 81)pdf6,35101-03-2019
165Transfer: DAD Estt. : AAOspdf74328-02-2019
166Transfer: DAD Estt. : AAOspdf90228-02-2019
167Transfer: DAD Estt. : AAOspdf1,72928-02-2019
168Follow Up Activity of AAC 2017-18 (Q.E. March'2019)pdf1,70828-02-2019
169Transfer : DAD Estt.pdf76928-02-2019
170Transfer:: DAD Estt.pdf74628-02-2019
171Closing of Accounts for Feb'2019 om 28.02.19pdf60027-02-2019
172Minutes of Review Meeting for the FY 2018-19 held on 18-12-2018pdf65626-02-2019
173Non Receipt of Schedule -IIIpdf1,02226-02-2019
174Prohibition on taking any official document outside the office premises.pdf62925-02-2019
175अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 30)pdf2,93322-02-2019
176Procurement of Smart- Cop Anti - Virus Internet Security Suite (Corporate Edition)pdf3,85122-02-2019
177Withdrawal of Financial up gradation under the MACP Scheme in respect of MTS/CLK/DEO/Auditor/Sr.Auditors.( Part-II OO No.122 )pdf1,51120-02-2019
178Submission of balance amount of condiment expenditure through MRO at the end of the financial yearpdf67220-02-2019
179Forwarding of LTARpdf12,52606-02-2019
180Forwardingh of LTARpdf3,43420-12-2018
181Mini LAO Conference held on 20/11/2018pdf2,88329-11-2018
182Forwardingh of LTARpdf4,45529-11-2018
183Defence Internal Audit SystemZIP10,74427-08-2018
184Anomalies of Pay ( 6th CPC) pertaining to PBORs under the audit jurisdiction of PAO (ORs) RRR Delhi Cantt-10pdf4,79120-08-2018
185Pathankot AMA's (01.01.2019-31.12.2019)pdf77116-07-2018
186Audit Conclave : 11 Corpspdf47916-07-2018
187Minutes of the Mini LAO Conference held on 21/05/2018pdf39501-06-2018
188Revised Discharge Drill-2018 in respect of JCOs/OR of Indian Armypdf35628-05-2018
189Disbandment of 125 FPOs/SDOs & 82 Postal/SDSpdf8128-05-2018
190Irregular Running of School Buses for School Going Childrrenpdf11125-05-2018
191Kapurthala (27.04.2018 To 31.03.2019)pdf12211-05-2018
192CHANDIGARH (01.04.2019 to 31.03.2020)pdf3,98301-05-2018
193SOP Regarding Revenue Generation: Buildings on Def.landspdf8519-03-2018
194Service Profile SAOs/AOspdf38828-02-2018
195Corrigendum to Pamphlet of RDR Heads (2010 RPT) (Part-I OO No.110)pdf1,21230-11--0001
196Corrigendum to Pamphlet of RDR Heads (2010 RPT) (Part-I OO No.109)pdf1,20630-11--0001
197राजस्व ऋण एवम प्रेषण लघु पुस्तिका (पुनःमुद्रित 2010) में संशोघन (कार्यालय आदेश भाग 1 संख्या:116)pdf1,08930-11--0001
198Nomination of liason officer for monitoring the CAT/Court Cases at Chandigarh.pdf95830-11--0001
199अर्जित अवकाश (कार्यालय आदेश भाग दो 2 संख्या 240) pdf1,72330-11--0001