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Government Orders

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1Repair of Vehicles and mobile plant machinery on payment in EME Workshops29-01-2018IA/II/03/Misc Corrpdf290

Good Audit Objections

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1IA/I/LTAR/4497/2018-1930-01-2019Forwarding of LTARpdf12,526
2IA/I/LTAR/4489/2018-1918-12-2018Forwarding of LTARpdf3,434
3No.IA/619/Misc/Vol-V28-11-2018Forwarding of LTARpdf4,455

Special/Important Letter

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1IA/II/LAO Mini Conference01-07-2019Minutes of the Mini LAO conference held on 07/06/2019pdf484
2IA/II/025/AAC22-05-2019Annual Audit Certificate for the Year 2018-2019pdf3,453
3IA/II/03/Important Circular02-04-2019Revised Format of LCAR ( With XL File)XLSX31
4IA/II/03/Important Circular02-04-2019Revised Format of LCARpdf649
5IA/II/Cir/2019.18-03-2019Regarding submission of LAO Target Report, LAP & IRP.pdf650
6IA/II/03/LAO Mini Conf.14-03-2019Minutes of LAOs Mini conference Held in Chanyakya Conference Hall of PCDA (WC) on 06-03-2019.pdf4,183
7सा.आई.ए/II/1341/आवक/जावक14-03-2019आवक जावक यूनिटो से सम्बंदित रिपोर्टpdf703
8IA/II/LAOs Mini Conference27-11-2018Mini LAO Conference held on 20/11/2018pdf2,883
9IA/II/03/Misc/Corr07-02-2029Defence Internal Audit SystemZIP10,744
10IA/II/03/Audit Adalat-11 Corps13-07-2018Audit Conclave : 11 Corpspdf479
11IA/II/25/XXII/AAC27-06-2018Follow up activity of AAC 2016-17. (Q.E. March-218)pdf1,117
12No.IA/II/LAO Mini Conference31-05-2018Minutes of the Mini LAO Conference held on 21/05/2018pdf395
13No.IA/II/985/Misc.28-05-2018Disbandment of 125 FPOs/SDOs & 82 Postal/SDSpdf81
14NO. IA/II/158/SB24-05-2018Irregular Running of School Buses for School Going Childrrenpdf111
15IA/II/LAO Mini Conf14-05-2018Progress Review: AAC 2017-18pdf81
16IA/II/03/Misc.SPl08-05-2018Guide lines for creation, updation , and maintenance of Asset Registrar in the Ministties and Department of Central Government and introduction of e- Registrar Portal pdf12,814
17Submission of Acknowledgement of vouchers, etc through E-mail only19-04-2018IA/II/03/Misc Splpdf59
18IA/II/Misc/LAO Corner09-03-2018SOP Regarding Revenue Generation: Buildings on Def.landspdf85
19IA/II/25/XXII/AAC29-12-2017Scaling down of audit of issues (of stores)pdf106
20IA/II/25/XXII/AAC29-12-2017Audit of Register of Buildingspdf66
21NO.IA/II/985/Secret List06-03-2018To Update the Jurisdiction Area list.pdf56