1. Postings/transfers of AAOs/SOs (A)/Supvr (A/Cs) & posting of Supervisor on officiating capacity and  notification of causalities thereof.
2. Rendition of vacancy reports in respect of AAOs/SOs(A)/Supvr (A/Cs) & submission thereof to CGDA, New Delhi.
3. Rendition of grievances report.
4. Maintenance of roster of AAOs/SOs(A) for posting on sensitive assignments.
5. SIU report & key map reports: rendition of data to AN-III.
6. Provisioning of auditors to SOs (A) grade.
7. Promotion from SO (A) to AAO & AAO to AO’s grade.
8. DPC Auditors to SO(A), SOs(A) to AAOs & from AAO’s to AO’s Grade.
9. Review of cases of Gp.’B’ (up to SAO’s), ‘C’ & ‘D’ officials under FR 56 (J)
10. Notification of casualties of SOs(A) and AAOs detailed on Temporary duty.
11. Maintenance of profile registers of SOs(A)/AAOs.
12. To maintain roster of SOs(A)/AAOs.
13. Monthly casualty report.
14. Deputation cases of SOs(A)/AAOs/AOs/SAOs/IDAS Officers.
15. Half Yearly report pertaining to volunteers amongst SOs (A)/AAOs for Transfer to their choice stations.
16. Maintenance of Data Base AAOs/SOs(A).
17. Maintenance/Entry in Service Books in r/o IDAS officers/SAOs/AOs in following cases –
i ) Annual Service Verification
ii ) Pay Fixation
iii) Promotion
iv ) Joining/Relieving/Retirement.
v ) Leave.
vi ) LTC.
18. ACRs in r/o SAOs/AOs/ Hindi officers.
19. Methodex Cards in r/o newly promoted AOs to be forwarded to HQrs office.
20. Duty roster of AAOs/SOs (A) in ‘R’ & ‘D’ sections.
21. Duty of AOs for sample check of dispatch of Cheques in D Sec. (Yearly)
22. Annual Cash Inspection.
23. Delegation of Powers.
24. Handing / Taking – (LAOs)
25. Assessment Report of newly promoted IDAS Officers.
26. Annual Minority Community Report (IDAS) (I week of April) – IDAS Minority.
27 Pink List Correspondence.
28. Rendition of Service Verification certificate in r/o Pr. CDA (I week of April)
29. Re-organization of PCsDA/CsDA.
30. Distribution of CGDA confidential letters.
31. Transfer/Posting-IDAS officers/SAOs/AOs & publishing casualties thereof.
32. Temporary Duty - IDAS officers/SAOs/AOs & publishing casualties thereof.
33. Training (NADFM, Pune/RTC Meerut/ISTM, New Delhi etc.) -IDAS officers/SAOs/AOs.
34. Preparation of Monthly Activity Report & submission thereof to CGDA, New Delhi.
35. Preparation of Monthly Vacancy Report- SAOs/AOs & submission thereof to CGDA, New Delhi.
36. Preparation of Quarterly Report- Distribution– SAOs/AOs & submission thereof to CGDA, New Delhi.
37. DO part II O.O. on retirement/ before retirement– IDAS/SAOs/AOs.
38. Distribution of work amongst – IDAS officers.
39. Database – SAOs/AOs/AAOs & submission thereof to CGDA, New Delhi.
40. Leave cases – IDAS officers/SAOs/AOs including notification of casualty thereof as well as posting of leave accounts in relevant service documents.
41. Annual Property Returns in respect of IDAS officers/SAOs/AOs/ AAOs.
42. Training cases (RTC Meerut/ISTM) up to IDAS officers.
43. Correspondence regarding sanctions under CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 in respect of IDAS officers/SAOs/AOs.
44. Maintenance of PC files of the officers.
45. Rendition of immovable property returns report for AAOs & above to AN-IV section.
46. Preparation of absentee report in respect of AOs and IDAS officers.
47. Motivation awards for DAD Estt.

1. Recruitment of Group “C” and “D” staff including on compassionate grounds and Inter Departmental transfers.
2. Posting / Transfer of Group “C” and Group “D” staff excluding SOs(A) and Supervisors.
3. Deputation of staff to other Departments And Ministries
4. Promotion  of  Record Clerks and Gp “D” staff.
5. Confirmation/reclassification of Gp “D” employees.
6. Allotment of permanent account number to staff.
7. Engagement of Casual Labour.
8. Publication of Death/Retirement DO part II OO.
9. Publication of temporary duty DO Part-II OO in respect of Gp “C” and “D” employees except SOs(A) and supervisors.
10. Maintenance and updation of Establishment registers in r/o staff.
11. Grant of permission for interview to staff.
12. Submission of Report/Returns to HQ office and to Ministries.
13. Consolidation of Half Yearly Report on transfer and submission to HQ office
14. Preparation of Annual General Transfer report and submission to HQ office.
1. Promotion of Clerks to Auditors and Auditors to SA & DEO's (A) to DEO's (D)
2. Promotion - Stenos and Hindi Translators, Staff Car Driver
3. Permission for outside employment
4. Permission for higher studies
5. NOC for passport/visa
6. Resignation from deptt.
7. Sanction/Intimation for movable and immovable property
8. Vacancy report
9. Maintenance of roster - Clks, Auds, Sr. Auds, Drivers & Hindi Translators and DEOs
10. Financial upgradation under ACP scheme - Gp 'D' & Gp 'C & DEO's
11. Financial upgradation - ACP scheme-Canteen Staff
12. Confirmation of canteen employees
13. Confirmation of Gp D to AAOs
14. Monthly Progress Report
15. Surprise check duty-"R" sec.
16. Maintenance of Rosters - Clerks, Auds, Sr. Auds and DEOs
17. Maintenance of Part - I  and Part-II OO Register
18. Fortnightly Report-Internal
19. Probation-Gp ‘D’ staff to AAOs
20. Confirmation Clk. & DEOs
21. Library (AN) Section
22. Key to the map of India
23. Loss of national property
24. Reports of SC/ST/Ex-serviceman/PH
25. Daily Absentee Statement
26. Appointment of Cashiers
27. MPR of "AN" section and MPR of WC
28. Daily and weekly control chart of Admin
29. Gen work of AN section -Festival Adv., welfare
30. DARC, O&M cell, test audit & CGDA inspection
31. Report - Special Action Plan & Gen Target
32. Relieving and joining report of staff of an
33. Pay disbursement duty
34. Quami Ekta, Sadbhawna Diwas and condolences
35. Distribution of dak-AN-III
36. Marking, receiving, despatch of dak - AN
37. Diarisation of dak
1. Initiation and finalisation of ACRs/ MTCRs up to A.A.Os
2. Maintenance of CR Dossiers up to A.A.Os
3. Rendition of ACR grading in relation to transfer/posting, DPC and clearance of Probation period.
4. Processing of Disciplinary cases.
5. Issuance of ‘No disciplinary case is pending’ certificate.
6. Investigation in respect of DAD Complaints.
7. Rendition of various Vigilance Reports and Disciplinary Reports.
8. Holding of 4th level quarterly ROC JCM meetings and election of the associations.
9. Processing of Criminal cases/CBI cases and CAT cases.
1. Payment of Pay & Allowances in r/o Officers/Staff serving in Main Office & Sub Office under PCDA(WC) Chandigarh except Sub offices under AAO(Pay) Delhi, Pathankot & Jalandhar.
2. GPF Advances & Withdrawls in r/o Officers/Staff serving in Main office & Sub office under PCDA(WC) Chandigarh except Sub office under AAO(Pay) Delhi, Pathankot & Jalandhar.
3. Payment of Tution fee claim.
4. Festival advances.
5. Watching of demands in r/o all the advances drawn by officers and staff in Main office & Sub offices.
6. Calculation and deduction of Income Tax at source.
7. Raising & responding of DID Schedules.
8. Issue of LPC & watching acknowledgement thereof.
9. Provisional payment of pay & allowances.
10. Payemnt of pay & allowance - under New Pension scheme employees.
11. Payment of honorarium, adhoc bonus & arrear of DA etc.
12. Correspondence with CDA(Fund) Meerut Cantt & various Ministries on a/c of allotment of GPF Nos & transfer of GPF assets regarding Inter Departmental Appointment cases.
13. Correspondence with CDA(Fund) Meerut Cantt regarding GPF discrepancies related to DAD employees working under this command.
14. Sanction of payment CGEIS, Leave encashment.
1. Preparation & Controlling of budget of Major Head 2052 DAD Salary Head.
2. Monthly Expendtiure Report under other allowances(0/094/26), Office Expenses(0/094/30) & Travel Expenses (0/094/28).
3. Medical Bills of Main Office & all Sub offices located at different stations (except AAO PAy 'WC' Delhi Cantt).
4. Obtaining of ex-post facto sanctions of medical claims (including AAO Pay 'WC' Delhi Cantt).
5. Issue of CGHS cards.
6. Appointment of AMAs in r/o DAD employees serving under this organisation(non CGHS area).
7. Sanctioning of special increment for adopting small family norms.
8. Final settlement of GPF cases.
9. Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Reports & Returns.
1. Maintenance of  Service Books/PC Files of AAOs/Sr. Auditors/Auditors/Clerks and Gp ‘D’ Staff.
2. Annual Stock Taking of  Service Books.
3. Preparation of CGEIS yearly budget report information from various Offices/Sections.
4. Regularisation EL/CML/HPL/EOL and publication of DO Pt. II O Orders.
5. Verification of  PIC.
6. Entries regarding all types of examination i.e. SAS/Supervisory/ACP etc.
7. Entries of various types of Pt. II Office Orders i.e. Promotion/Pay fixation/ACP/SAS/Transfer IN/Transfer Out.
8. Watching out of service books awaited from others Controllers.
9. Sending out of Service Books to other Controllers.
10. Preparation and maintenance of service book Control/Audit by LAO Register.
11. The work regarding change of Home Town/Addition of Higher qualification/Change of  Name is also dealt with in this group.
12. Acceptance and placing of fresh nomination form in service books.
13. Receipt and disposal showing in Hindi Register.
14. Issue of recovery letter for recovery of  EOL/HPL regarding leave regularisation cases and watching and posting of acknowledgement thereof.
15. Payment of  CGEIS  in Death Cases.
1. TA/DA/LTC Advance and claims of the D.A.D. Officers and staff of the PCDA (WC.), Chandigarh including all sub offices and IFA(WC), Chandimandir and IFA (ARTRAC), Shimla. And forwarding of paid vouchers to PCDA(P) Allahabad for Post Audit.
2. All types of interest bearing advances in r/o DAD Officers and Staff of this organisation such as HBA, Scooter/M.C. Advance, Car Advance, P.C.Advance, Bicycle Advance, Fan Advance and its related budget.
3. Handicapped Allowance DAD Officers/ Staff.
4. Issue of Identity Cards to DAD Officers and Staff.
5. Conducting of SAS Examination and Supervisor A./Cs Grade Examinations
Pension Cases:  Pension cases (all classes of pension) in respect of DAD employees of  Pr. CDA (WC) Chandigarh are dealt with in AN-X DO Pt. II OO showing individual likely to superannuate in the forthcoming two years is published in advance. The pension papers are sent to the effected individual one year before retirement for completion and return. These documents are scrutinized with reference to service books and are transmitted to PCDA(P) Allahabad duly signed by the GO (AN) and PCDA along with calculation sheet and Data Sheet eight month prior to the actual date of retirement. On receipt of pension sanctioned by the PCDA(P) Allahabad through PPOs; the original PPOs are sent to PDA and duplicate sent to the effected individuals retaining triplicate copy in this office. The details of the pension sanctioned and subsequent changes are entered in a register.
Leave Encashment:  On receipt of information from AN –I & AN-VIII  in the case of officers and staff respectively regarding quantum of E.L. balance, Sanction is obtained from PCDA /JCDA/ DY CDA (AN) The fact is communicated to paying Authority i.e.  AN- Pay / AAO (WC) Pay Delhi, AAO (WC) Pay JRC. AAO (WC) Pay Pathankot for release of  amount as per sanction.
CGEIS Payment: Sanction of Jt. CDA is obtained before actual date of retirement in respect of staff up to  AAO for release of the amount as per table for a particular year received from CGDA. The fact is communicated to AN (PAY) and AAO (WC) Pay Delhi Cantt., AAO (WC) Pay JRC. AAO (WC) Pay Pathankot for release of payment up to the amount specified in the sanction.
Counting of Former Service : Individual desires of getting their previous Military and Civil Service before induction in DAD apply for counting of their previous service towards current spell. The fact is verified with reference to their service books and the case is sent to PCDA (P) Allahabad for according sanction along with service books. On receipt of sanction from PCDA(P) Allahabad, the sanction (in original) is pasted in the service book and communicated to individual and AN/ VIII (Local).
 Pay Fixation :  Pay of the individual/ officers is fixed on the basis of Pt. II O.O. notifying promotion / appointment and assumption of charge. The pay is fixed on the basis of option exercised by the individual / officers and is notified through Part II office order.
Anomalies/Ante-dating: Individual applies to set aside anomalies in their pay with reference to the pay of juniors. The service books of both individuals are examined to ascertain the fact in regard to anomalies / antedating. The case is processed for sanction of the PCDA to set aside the anomaly. If sanction is accorded, previous Pt II O.O. notifying anomalous fixation is amended through a fresh Pt II office order.
Publication of Holidays: List of holidays is received from CGDA office every year. Besides, three holidays are to selected in consultation with central Govt.. Employees welfare Co-Ordination Committee, Chandigarh. On receipt of the information from the committee, the list is notified through Pt. I office order except for Delhi Area and stations where separate C.G.E.W.C.C. exists.
D.V. No./ Punching Medium and Submission of Schedules: Disbursement Vouchers are allotted on the bills passed for payment by AN Section GROUPS- V,VI,IX,XI and XIII and the bill along with allotted D.V. Number are sent to ‘D’ Section for issue of cheques. Punching Medium is despatched to the A/C Sec. & E.D.P. Cell on weekly bases.
1. Monitoring of funds allotted under Office Expenses (00/094/30) for Main Office as well as PAO (ORs) 14 GTC Subathu, PAO ( ORs) RRRC, Delhi Cantt, AAO Pay (WC) Delhi Cantt, AAO Pay (WC) Jalandhar Cantt, AAO Pay  (WC) Pathankot, IFA Chandimandir, IFA ARTRAC Shimla, IFA 9 & 11 Cops Jalandhar Cantt, IFA COD Delhi Cantt and IFA 3 BRD AF Station Chandigarh
2. Procurement and distribution of liveries for Class III & IV employees of Main Office and sub offices.
3. Maintenance of Office Vehicles.
4. Payment of Telephones installed in Main office and Sub offices.
5. Payment of Service Labels for Main office and Sub offices.
6. Control and management of Transit Facility.
7. Procurement and distribution of Stationery, Books Newspapers, Conservancy items, Hot Weather and Misc. items   etc.
8. Procurement & distribution of Dead Stock Articles for Main Office as well as for Sub Offices.
9. Scruitiny and payment of bills on a/c of recoupment of imprest in r/o Main Office and Sub Offices.
10. Condemnation of Dead Stock Articles.
11. Logistic support for meeting/conferences/Training held in Main office.
1. Monitoring of DAD projects pertaining to office complex & residential complex.
2. Transfer of Defence land to DAD
3. Watching expenditure against allotment.
4. Allotment/occupation/vacation of DAD residential accommodation at Sector 35-B, Chandigarh.
5. Management, deployment of Group ‘D’ employees. 
6. Up keep/maintenance of office complex.


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