Group - I
1. All work and correspondence of General Seat and work relating to general administration of Accounts Section.
2. Annual Review of Balances.
3. Maintenance of Books and Regulations and Issue of Part I Office Orders.
4. Submission of various reports and returns.
5. Test Audit Objections, CGDA Inspection Report and O&M Cell objections.
6. Review of Sectional Compilation and watching re-adjustment of erroneous booking.
7. Monthly Suspense Report (00/020/61) and watching its clearance
8. Receipt & distribution of dak of Accounts Section.
9. All other miscellaneous correspondence.

Group - II
1. Linking of paid cheques with Schedule III and their retention.
2. Punching of Schedule III of Sub Offices and their retention.
3. Extraction of unlinked cheques to concerned banks.
4. Verification of status of payment of lost cheques from Schedule III.
5. Receipt of Schedule III from 'D' Section and their retention.
Group - III
1. Noting of Allotment letters regarding LCH.
2. Allotment of Unit Codes to new units.
3. Issue of LAC Out in respect of outgoing units.
4. Budgetary Control - Submission of Budget Estimates.
5. Rendition of various reports - MER, MGASC, IT Report etc.
Group - IV
1. Punching of DMROs and Linking of MROs - its reconciliation / retention.
2. Extraction of unlinked DMROs to Audit sections / Sub Offices.
3. Extraction of unlinked OMROs to Banks.
4. Receipt of Credit Scroll and reconciliation.
5. Originating & Responding DID Schedules regarding MROs.
6. Clearance under Code Head - 00/020/80
Group - V
1. Posting of Debit Scrolls in Registers.
2. Maintenance & Reconciliation of amount compiled to Code Head 00/020/81, 28/020/00, 00/021/00.
3. Watching clearance of outstanding under Code Head 77/020/83
4. Reconciliation of Monthly RBI figures.
5. Preparation of punching medium on receipt figures of Debit Scroll from Focal Point branch.
6. Scrutiny of scrolls (Dr. / Cr.) received from Focal Point branch.
7. Clearance of discrepancies received from RBI through adjustment entries.
8. Issue of NPC against lost cheques.
Group - VI
1. Adjustment of DID Schedule received from other Controllers and its correspondence
2. Numbering and forwarding of DID Schedules to other Controllers.
Group - VII
1. Maintenance & Posing of all RDR Head Register.
2. Maintenance Register of RBI Classified - 00/020/82.
3. All Inward & Outward Settlement Account with Railways, P&T and RBI.
Group - VIII
1. Outward Settlement Accounts with all PAOs / Ministries.
2. All Inward and Outward Settlement Accounts with AGs.
3. Distribution of RDR Head Schedules to respective Groups.
Group - IX
Accounts (ORs) Cell deals with work relating to the following PAOs :
1. PAO 14 GTC Subathu
2. PAO PBG New Delhi
3. PAO RRRC Delhi Cantt



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